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Brandi Minx has an eye for cock. She's a horny 47-year-old. The problem is, the guy she has her eye on is fast asleep. Well, that's not the only problem. He's also her step-son. But that doesn't stop Brandi. Her husband isn't home, and she knows that for just about all guys, resistance is futile when their cock is in a hot woman's mouth...even if that hot woman is their step-mother. So Brandi makes her move. While he's still sleeping, she goes in for the cock. He has morning wood, which makes things easy, and she stirs him from his slumber with some mouth and tongue action. But then he wakes up. No surprise there. "What are you doing?" he asks, stunned, shocked...but still rock-hard. What does he think she's doing? "You shouldn't do this," he says while his step-mom is still stroking his cock. "Oh, it's okay," she says. It is? "Your father will never know," she says as she sucks some more. "But you're my step-mom," he says, stating the obvious. "Step" is the key word here. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman and her step-son having sex as long as the step-son is of legal age. So says But it's definitely kinky. Question: Have you ever fucked your step-mother (if you have one)? If so, tell us about it.
When 59-year-old Maya Luna comes home from work, she finds her step-son, Jack, and his friend, Gio, sitting on the couch, playing video games. Maya is dressed in a sexy business suit: white blouse, short skirt that shows off her nice legs, heels. She's happy to see her step-son, but she seems even happier to see his friend. In fact, she's a bit touchy-feely with him. Maya talks to the boys for a bit, and when she walks away, Gio asks, "Is your step-mom flirting with me?" "I don't think so," Jack says. "Yeah, she was," he says. "It's a little bit weird but it's a little bit cool at the same time." Jack's a bit disgusted, but when his step-mom comes back, she's touch-feely with Gio once again, flirting with him. Seducing him? "I can fix something for you," she offers. "What do you have?" Gio says, knowing what he wants. "I have something for you," Maya says, knowing what she wants. Jack can't believe what he's hearing. What's his step-mother doing? Well, in the kitchen, she's bending over, putting something in the oven, and looking over at Gio, who can't keep his eyes off of her. Then she starts flashing herself a little. Does Maya want him? Damn right she does! Gio goes to the kitchen, where Maya gets down on her knees, unzips his pants and starts sucking his cock, right there with her step-son sitting a few feet away! "That's my step-mom!" Jack says when he sees what's going on. "I couldn't help myself," Gio explains. "I'm just your step-mom," Maya says. "You can play, too." Well, she's right about that. Step-mom isn't mom; step-son isn't son. At least legally it isn't. And before long, Maya is sucking her step-son's cock! Then her step-son and his best friend are taking turns on her pussy and then...they're DPing her! Her step-son is in her pussy and his friend is in her ass at the same time! Maya is from the Philippines and now lives in Los Angeles with her husband. When we asked her if she'd ever had sex with a much-younger man (other than for us), she said, "Yes. My gym instructor. I knew he liked me, and he invited me to take a swim, so I went. We started touching and kissing and did it in the pool and in the shower." That's one thing. Getting DP'd by your step-son and his buddy is another thing entirely.
When 43-year-old Coralyn Jewel's husband leaves for work, she calls her best friend and says, "His step-son moved in with us. He looks like a baby, but he doesn't seem like a baby, that's for sure. He gets out of the shower, he puts on his underwear and he walks to his room and I can see he's not such a baby. I think he's got a really nice cock, and Dad's gone and I'm going to find out." So that's what she does. Coralyn goes to Juan's room and sees him fast asleep under the covers. She lifts the covers and finds her step-son's horse cock sticking out from under his shorts. She can't resist his morning wood. To waste it would be a shame. So she strokes it and sucks it. He starts to stir. He's feeling good, as if this is the best wet dream he's ever had, but then he sees who's sucking his cock. "You're my step-mom," Juan (that's Juan "El Caballo" Loco) says with a start. "What are you doing? You just married my dad last week." To which his horny step-mom says, "I love your dad, but your dad does not have that." She means a big cock. Easily convinced, Juan eats and fucks his step-mom's pussy, and then he fucks her ass. "I've never let your dad fuck me in the ass," she says as Juan's huge, thick cock stretches out her asshole. And then he cums on her face. Looks like this is going to be a very happy long as Coralyn's husband doesn't find out.
Beth McKenna, 52, is sunbathing in a little bikini, the kind most 52-year-olds wouldn't dare wear. She gets her tits out (they're nice and firm), pours oil on them and rubs it in. Beth is clearly enjoying herself and her hot body. And so is somebody else. You see, Beth is not alone. She's being watched. Nicky is looking at her from above, and he's enjoying himself, too. But then he trips over a step and Beth hears him. "Nicky, is that you?" she says. By the way, when she says that, she does not cover up. HER TITS ARE STILL OUT. "Were you watching me?" she asks. He stumbles over his words. "Mom?" Mom? "You can call me Mom," she says. "I am your step-mom. Why don't you come down here?" He does as ordered, and it's immediately apparent to Beth that he was watching her. Why is it apparent? Because Nicky is tenting his trousers. So she does what any step-mother would do. She asks him, "Do you want to see what your dad is fucking?" Okay, so any step-mother would not say that, but Beth does. She takes him inside and sucks his cock, and he gets to fuck Step-Mom's slightly hairy pussy and cum inside it. And Step-Mom eats his cum. Hmmm...step-son creampies his step-mom...isn't that a little risky?