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Juliett Russo, a 54-year-old mom with a very sexy body (big, firm tits, nice, round ass, slim waist) is in the shower. Meanwhile somebody is peeking in on her. He likes what he sees. But who is he? Her step-son! "Have you been watching your step-mom having a shower?" Juliett asks, not mad at all. Smiling, in fact. "Do you want to come in and join me? That's okay to watch your step-mother have a shower." Well, it is in this case, but usually? Probably not okay. Most step-mothers would most likely not be happy to catch their step-sons peeping on them in the shower, but Juliett is not like most step-mothers. "I feel so embarrassed," he says. "I don't know if my dad is going to appreciate this." "It's okay," she says. "He's going to be out for a couple of hours. Just relax." Relax? His cock isn't relaxed. It's very stiff, which is fine by Juliett. She crouches, strokes it and takes it into her mouth. "I can't believe this is happening right now," Step-Son says. "Well, it is happening, and it's okay," Step-Mom assures him. Eventually, they move to the bedroom, where they can get more comfortable, and Juliett keeps sucking his cock and his balls. Juliett's step-son fucks her tits then fucks her pussy hard before he cums on her tits. Then she gives him the okay to peep on her whenever he wants. Hey, Step-Son...better hope Dad doesn't find out.
British MILF 57-year-old Molly Maracas is sitting on a couch in her home, putting on makeup, when she notices that her step-son is watching her. "What are you doing there?" she asks. "Are you watching me? Come on in! Don't stand behind the door. How long have you been there, I wonder?" Where he's standing (where we're standing in this P.O.V. scene) he has a good view down his step-mom's dress of her nice cleavage. But the view is about to get better. "You often look at me, do you?" she says. "You are a naughty boy. If only your father knew. Well, I won't tell him." Won't tell him what? That she's going to let him feel her tits? That she's going to suck his cock and fuck him? Yep, that sounds about right. It's not the kind of thing a step-mom is supposed to do with her step-son, but it does happen, and we have the video! Molly is divorced. She's a nudist and a swinger. "People who know me won't be surprised to see me here," she said. "They know I'm adventurous. This is just the kind of thing they'd expect me to do." Fuck her step-son? Okay.
Linda Storm, a 63-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from the U.K., is lying in her bedroom, wearing a sexy bra and panties and stockings. She's playing with herself and we're watching. She's really getting into it, rubbing her pussy hard, writhing, getting her fingers wet so she can slide them into her old, wet cunt. But then she looks up. "What are you doing?" she says to the voyeur, who happens to be her step-son. "I can see you." "Well, the door was left a little open," he says. "I wasn't looking. Bullshit. "Well come on in," she says. "And to be honest, I know you've been there for quite some time." He protests, but she's onto him. "You were wanking," she says. Hey, dude, why deny it? "Your cock's out. You've been wanking. Come here." What happens next is what often happens here when a horny step-mom catches her step-son jacking off to her: She lets him touch her tits. Then she shows him her pussy. Then she sucks his cock. And then, of course, they fuck, because as we said, that's what step-mothers and step-sons do in our neck of the internet. In the end, Linda eats and swallows his cum. And as long as her step-son's dad doesn't find out, all is well in the Storm household.